Booster Club meeting

Please join us at the Booster Club Meeting on Thursday, October 18, 6:30 p.m. at Millersville Community Church, Grace Campus at 163 W. Frederick St, Millersville.


Off Season training opportunities

In order for the PMBS program to improve it is vital that all boys take advantage of the various opportunities available to them. The more the boys play together the more cohesive of a unit they will become.  Below are some opportunities available with more to follow.

Currently there are 10 Junior High Boys who are highly likely to sign up for Process Academy to work on foot skills this winter. Click here–>

Indoor soccer and/or futsal at Red Rose and Spooky Nook.

Stay tuned….

Thank you to Kelly Hess and all of the parents who are stepping up to help the boys and ultimately the program improve.


JH night

Tomorrow (10/2) during half time of the Varsity boys soccer game the JH high teams will be recognized. Boys should be on the sideline by 6:30 p.m. wearing their team tee shirt. They will get to see the Seniors honored before the game and then get to watch alongside the high school team as we play our final night/home game. They may leave after halftime or stay and enjoy the rest of the game.

Lottery Tickets

Lottery Tickets

Thank you to everyone who sold lottery tickets for the fundraiser!  If you have tickets to turn in there is still time.  Please give them Kevin Hostetter at the Middle School CV game at 4 pm today, or to Tara Martin at the Varsity game at 10 am Saturday.  Thank you for your support!


The first round of apparel has arrived. Kevin Hostetter will take the middle school orders to the game on Friday night and distribute them at that time.

JH night

Next Tuesday, 10/2, the junior high teams will be recognized during halftime of the boys Varsity night game.

The junior high teams are invited to sit with the Varsity team during the first half of the game and then during half time they will walk out to the center of the field to be recognized. Following halftime they are free to go home or sit and watch the rest of the game with the Varsity team.

The junior high teams should be on the sideline at 6:50 for the 7:00 p.m.start dressed in their team tee shirt that they will receive sometime this week.

(Thank you to the Booster Club for covering the cost of the team shirts.)



This is the last week to sell the lotto tickets for the fundraiser. Thank you to those who have sold and already turned money and ticket stubs in. This is helping to achieve the goal of $6000 needed to cover equipment and expenses for all boys in the program each year.  All others can turn their money and tickets in to coaches or to my son Mitchell Martin by this week please and thank you for your support. Any questions or concerns you can contact me


REMEMBER: Wayback Burger Night, Wednesday, Sept 26, 4-8pm, 20% of sales to Booster Club!